Are you a cancer patient?  If you are in need of financial assistance, please send us an email to request an application.

How Do Women With Purpose Help?
We are here to help you.  Once your application and records are received, we arrange to direct pay non-medical bills for our patients.  We also provide food and gas cards.

For assistance, please download the application and email to us here.

We also have many resources and will work to support you and provide support during this difficult time. 

We currently assist families in Pinellas county in Tampa Bay.

These are just a few of the women and families we have been able to assist.  It takes a village to care for the citizens of our community.

WHO WE HAVE HELPED – Everyone has a story

These are some of the families we have been able to help.

  • She was a young single mom, with an 18 month old baby, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • Enjoying being a grandmother and was diagnosed with brain, bone and lung cancer.
  • A waitress working to care for her disabled daughter when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • She gets seizures from a residual brain tumor that surgeons were not able to remove.  She has 2 daughters.
  • She had received a master’s degree in Early Childhood Education before she received insurance from her new job she was diagnosed with terminal stage 4 bladder cancer.

“I could not have survived without the help from Women With Purpose” -SP